Alexander Cockburn
Sir Alexander Cockburn,
Lord Chief Justice (1802-1880),
who delivered the Banks-v-Goodfellow judgment.
By Alexander Davis Cooper
[NPG 933] National Portrait Gallery, London
John Banks' Will

Virtual Chambers

Banks-v-Goodfellow give expert opinions by psychiatrists experienced in the field of mental capacity in older people. 

Specifically we offer:

pointExpert opinions in contentious probate cases.
point“Golden Rule” assessments of testamentary capacity for solicitors who follow Lord Templeman’s wise advice with elderly clients seeking to make a will…
In the case of an aged testator or a testator who has suffered a serious illness, there is one golden rule which should always be observed, however straightforward matters may appear, and however difficult or tactless it may be to suggest that precautions be taken: the making of a will by such a testator ought to be witnessed or approved by a medical practitioner who satisfies himself of the capacity and understanding of the testator, and records and preserves his examination and finding.
pointExpert opinions in related matters, such as mental capacity: to donate power of attorney; to consent to medical treatment; to determine place of residence; to marry etc.
pointExpert opinions on elderly persons involved in criminal proceedings, e.g. ability in relation to trial (fitness to plead)

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