Members of Banks-v-Goodfellow


Robin Jacoby

Robin Jacoby DM. FRCP. FRCPsych.
Professor Emeritus of Old Age Psychiatry,
The University of Oxford Department of Psychiatry,
The Warneford Hospital, Oxford OX3 7JX, UK.

Education: Oriel College, Oxford and Guy’s Hospital, London.

Prof Jacoby has been a consultant since 1980: between 1983 and 1993 at the Bethlem Royal and Maudsley Hospitals in London; and since 1994 in Oxford as Clinical Reader and later Professor of Old Age Psychiatry. His research in the field of old age psychiatry enjoys an international reputation.

He is the lead editor of the Oxford Textbook of Old Age Psychiatry published by Oxford University Press, first to fourth editions (called Psychiatry in the Elderly in editions 1-3).  In all four editions he co-wrote the chapter on testamentary capacity. He also contributed to chapter 13, Testamentary Capacity in Williams, Mortimer and Sunnucks: Executors, Administrators and Probate. (eds. J.H.G. Sunnucks with J.G. Ross Martyn & N. Caddick). Sweet & Maxwell, London.  He lectures to lawyers and doctors on testamentary capacity.  He is co-author, with solicitor Peter Steer, of How to assess capacity to make a will published in the British Medical Journal 2007, 335, 155-157 (link to this article).

Prof Jacoby speaks fluent French, German and Russian.

Prof Jacoby has written very many reports for solicitors in criminal cases, including 31 cases of homicide. In the last 20 years or so he has developed a particular interest in mental capacity in older people, in particular testamentary capacity. He has written over one hundred and fifty reports in contentious probate cases and given evidence in those that were not settled out of court. He has conducted “golden rule” assessments of potential testators, and assessments of older persons in cases where disability in relation to trial (fitness to plead) has been raised. He has published chapters and articles in the area of testamentary capacity, and given lectures on the medical aspects of capacity assessment to seminars run by various barristers’ chambers, solicitors’ firms and, in 2007, to the Chancery Bar Association.

Prof Jacoby gave testimony as an expert witness in the following reported cases:
Blackman-v-Man [2007] All ER (D) 118
Chinachem Charitable Foundation Ltd v Chan Chun Chuen [2007] HCAP 8/2007
Gorjat v Gorjat [2010] EWHC 1537(Ch)
Key-v-Key [2010] EWHC 408 (Ch)
Wharton v Bancroft et al [2011] EWHC (Ch) 3250
Burgess v Hawes [2012] LTL 20/1/2012

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Robert J Howard

Robert J  Howard MD MRCPsych.
Professor of Old Age Psychiatry and Psychopathology and Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist,
The Institute of Psychiatry and the Maudsley Hospital
London SE5 8AF, UK.

Education: Jesus College Cambridge and St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London.

Professor Howard has been a Consultant at the Maudsley Hospital since 1994 and his research in the areas of dementia and psychosis in older people has an international reputation.

Since the 1990s he has had extensive experience of report preparation for civil and criminal proceedings and has given evidence in Court. He was an expert witness in the War Crimes trials in the late 1990s and was Amnesty International’s main expert during the Pinochet extradition proceedings.

Professor Howard has experience of fitness to plead and stand trial proceedings as well as “golden rule” assessments of testamentary capacity. He has provided expert reports for solicitors and counsel and given evidence in court on contentious probate cases.

Prof Howard gave testimony as an expert witness in the following reported cases:
Hoff v Atherton [2004] EWCA Civ 1554, (2005) WTLR 99
Kostic v. Chaplin [2007] EWHC 2298 (Ch).
RSPCA v Gill [2009] EWHC 834 (Ch). [2010] EWCA Civ 1430.
Gorjat v Gorjat [2010] EWHC 1537(Ch)

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